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Hydrocarbon liquids fractionating facility at Springerton, Illinois

Daylight Engineering is an engineering consulting firm near Evansville, Indiana. We specialize in work for the natural gas and hydrocarbon liquids industries. Above is our Springerton, Illinois liquids fractionating plant that produces propane, butane and natural gasoline. Along with our Springerton facility we have engineered and helped construct similar plants with new and used equipment for companies in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Pennsylvania and New York. We also construct, design and build meter runs, fuel conditioning plants, crude/condensate splitting plants and amine plants.

We have recently started offering natural gas stripping plants which utilize packaged refrigeration systems. These plants are available for sale or lease. All of our stripping plants are equipped with a stabilizer to maximize saleable liquid production.

Please contact us if you have a compression or natural gas processing need. We also sell propane, butane, and natural gasoline liquids for the heating and gasoline blending markets. Please contact us if you have a problem in the natural gas field or are looking for natural gas processing equipment. We can help!

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