Natural Gas Processing Equipment

We at Daylight Engineering design and engineer natural gas processing facilities. We have done work on all types of gas plants including everything from dehydrators and compressor stations to fractionators, air injection facilities and meter runs. If you have a gas processing need please contact us. With our help you can solve your problem quickly and efficiently. If you need additional equipment, we can help you find it used in order to save you money! We have designed and built all types of stripping plants, including JT, straight refrigeration and cryogenic refrigerated JT for high ethane feeds

450,000 SCFD 500 psi LRU-22

1.75 MMSCFD 1000PSI Deranco Plant


1.75 mmscfd plant


8mmscfd plant

The above plant is an 8 MMSCFD stripping plant with stabilizer re-compression. It is a thermo-syphon plant designed for propane refrigeration.

The above is a ready to ship four train natural gas stripping plant capable of efficiently processing 1.0 MMSCFD to 7.5 MMSCFD of natural gas, producing pipeline quality natural gas, and a hydrocarbon liquid mix of propane, butanes, and natural gasoline


The above is a 10.0 MMSCFD plant under construction in the company shop.

The above is a 5.0 MMSCFD plant.

The above is a 10 MMSCFD plant ready to ship.

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