Plants for sale: Stripping and Fractionators

65 gpm used Amine plant, excellent condition

300 MCFD to 750 MCFD LRU series Refrigeration Plant

1.0 MMSCFD Refrigeration Plant, totally rebuilt


5.0 MMSCFD Refrigeration Plant

30.0 MMSCFD Refrigeraton Plant

3.0 MMSCFD plant (Chemsweet treater, Dehy, Stripping and Nitrogen Removal Units)

6.0 MMSCFD Turboexpander Plant

3.5 MMCFD NRU Excellent condition UOP design Plant

1.0 MMCFD NRU unit computer controlled, still connected

skid mounted 30000 gallon per day fractionator

block mounted 60000 gallon per day fractionator

Rebuilt 1.0 MMSCFD 1000 psig Refrigerated Cryogenic JT plant - Armellini design (pictured below)

7.5 MMCFD Refrigerated Plant with Mole Sieves



Rebuilt 1.5 MMSCFD GRU-3 (picture below)


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